Our 住宿 Team can help you find suitable private student housing.  


不管你是大一新生, returning or postgraduate student – there is plenty of accommodation available within walking distance of the University.

The University works closely with private l而且lords 而且 Worcester City Council to ensure all student shared houses are licensed 而且 meet with current legislation. We also offer advice on housing matters such as tenancy agreements 而且 questions to ask l而且lords with regard to safety 而且 fire precautions, so you are supported at every step of the way.

If you need to visit Worcester to view properties, temporary accommodation may be available in University residencies – contact our Conferencing Team on 01905 542121 to find out more.


Full details 而且 more information about off-campus student housing can be found by visiting the 伍斯特学生公寓网站. Call the 住宿 office on 01905 855300 to pick up the password.

This simple-to-use site gives full details of all licensed properties, 还有很多照片等等, 而且 is cleverly designed to assist groups of friends when applying for houses in years two 而且 three. 请记住协议长度, deposit amounts 而且 arrangements for paying bills vary from property to property. Do please take advice from the 住宿 Team if you are unsure about any of these important details.

If you have any questions about accommodation, please call 01905 855300 or email accommodation@worc.ac.uk

If you are a l而且lord 而且 would like more information on advertising on Studentpad, 请致电01905 855300或电子邮件 accommodationteam@worc.ac.uk